Otaku Fight Night
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Otaku Fight Night. Tune in every 2 weeks and listen to our contenders duke it out over anime, video games, and other topics in otaku culture.

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    Round 8 - Here Cometh the Fearection

    The dust has settled, the blood's been cleaned off the ring, and our contenders are ready to rumble over the new season of anime. Wanna know what's worth watching this season? Find out here on this week's round of Otaku Fight Night!

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    Round 7 - The Best of the Worst of 2016

    After a holiday hiatus the contenders are back at it and they're faced with their biggest challenge yet: coming to a consensus. 2016 was a trying year, but there was a lot of good anime. Which ones will find glory, and what anime will be lost to history? Find out during Otaku Fight Night's anime of the year awards!

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    Round 6 - Bananya Levels at DEFCON 1

    In this bout the contenders pull no punches when deciding if those who passively watch anime are terrible people, and go on an unexpected tangent.

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    Round 4 - Perfect Pregame for your Fap

    The summer season is over, but with the summer's end comes a new season of anime. The contenders break down every show they're checking out.

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    Round 2 - The Definition of Hubris

    In this round our contenders delve deep into critically acclaimed The Tatami Galaxy. Will they come to a consensus, or will they fight till the bloody end?

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    Round 1 - A Podcast Well Done

    It's the midpoint of the summer anime season. The contenders weigh in with their opinions on what shows they're watching.

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